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About Us

L'Attitude, 30 years of vision

L'Attitude is the oldest and most modern massage therapy centre still open in Quebec City and has been part of the landscape for 30 years! Experience, expertise and reliability have made the reputation of this essential place of well-being. At L'Attitude, we do more than just receive a "little massage"... Therapists offer clients a state of well-being in an effective approach and a structured touch. During this unique moment, the person contributes to his or her health.

L'Attitude massage therapy centre offers more than fifteen types of massages, including amma, Tuina, deep tissue massage and kobido, which are unique in Quebec City. All L'Attitude massages are given by massage therapists certified by the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes* (fqm.qc.ca) and all have received over 700 hours of training. The 31 therapists have the expertise to meet the specific pathological needs of clients.

*this title confers quality assurance!

In fact, all massage therapists selected by L'Attitude are trained at the training centre of the same name, which is the only massage therapy school in Quebec accredited by the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes (fqm.qc.ca). The mission of our training centre: to train the best massage therapists through a holistic approach that combines technique, body awareness and the respectful relational dimension: fundamental assets for a sustainable and effective practice of massage therapy.

With his 35-year career behind him, owner Michel Van Waeyenberge adds to the centre's professionalism and maturity as a therapist and trainer. For 30 years now, his dual objectives have been to offer the public access to quality massage therapy services and to train the next generation of professional massage therapists dedicated to their profession. The reputation he enjoys both locally and internationally is not only the result of his mastery of massage knowledge and techniques but above all the result of a teaching focused on well-being, which allows massage to make the link between the conscious and the unconscious mind. Thanks to the teachings of the great masters he has received, he provides and teaches a massage that is profound, internalized, conscious, in short, the true massage.

All this background allows L'Attitude to obtain the recognition of the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes (fqm.qc.ca) and to be the only school accredited by the FQM in Quebec City and its surroundings.

Massage therapy

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