L'Attitude Centre de Relaxation Masso Inc.

71, Rue Crémazie O

Québec, QC G1R 1X4



Massage therapy and training courses

Our Team

MICHEL VAN WAEYENBERGE, director and founder

For more than 30 years, Michel Van Waeyenberge has followed more than 5000 hours of courses with great massage and movement teachers throughout the world (Japan, United States, France, Canada...). His main concern is to continue his professional development and to be able to share all the knowledge he has acquired with his students and clients in massage therapy.

In 1989, he founded L’Attitude, a relaxation and massage therapy centre and a massage therapy school. Its goal: to offer the public the opportunity to access quality massage therapy services and to train properly to become professional massage therapists who are committed to the quality of their profession. Its intervention aimed at reaching the whole being is reflected in the school's philosophy. Always in pursuit of excellence, Michel wishes to contribute to the influence of the profession and that is why he offers a coaching service for health centres and spas.

Massage Therapy

Meet our trainers

Module 1 - Human body

  • Dr. Alexandre Bellemare, Chiropractor
  • Stanislas Papadimitriou, chiropractor
  • Dr. Rémi Ouellet, Chiropractor
  • Dr. Jean Raymond, Chiropractor
  • Anne-Marie Trancoso, Physiotherapist

Module 2- Technical application

  • Mike Allard, FQM certified massage therapist and psycho-social worker
  • Laurent Brunner, FQM certified massage therapist
  • Louise de Montigny, FQM certified massage therapist
  • Martin Giraldeau, FQM Certified Massage Therapist
  • Denis Lafontaine, FQM certified massage therapist
  • Nancy Lavoie, FQM certified massage therapist
  • Sylvain Malchelosse, FQM certified massage therapist
  • Sophie-Hélène Martineau, FQM certified massage therapist
  • Sylvie Verroeulst, FQM certified massage therapist
  • Jean-Philippe Turcotte, certified massage therapist, trainer and triathlete

Module 3 - Client approach

  • Louise Groleau, Teaching Sexologist, member of the OPSQ
  • Christophe Vienne, relationship therapist and FQM certified massage therapist

Module 4 - Professional supervision

  • France Fréchette, FQM certified massage therapist

Module 5 - Evaluation and therapeutic follow-up

  • Stéphanie Villeneuve, certified massage therapist and yoga teacher


  • Bill Helm, Director of the Taoist Sanctuary in San Diego, and the Massage Program at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
  • David Palmer, founder of TouchPro International, considered to be the father of chair massage in the United States.
  • Michel Eid, Certified Massage Therapist, graduate of Dr. Vodder School - Austria, Bachelor of Physical Education
  • Mélissa Boulanger, certified massage therapist and creator of the MAEBP technique
  • Michel Sigolliot, certified massage therapist and director of the Équilibre et détente inc. school of massage therapy.
  • Francis Létourneau, Acupuncturist, Tui Na practitioner and Certified Private Trainer
  • Noémie Gélinas, certified massage therapist, founder of the Lomi-atsu technique and author
  • Sarah-Emmanuelle Côté, Registered Massage Therapist with Deep Flow certification
  • Jean Humpich, Ph.D. International trainer, graduate in fascia therapy and perceptive psychopedagogy

Our administrative team

  • Michel Van Waeyenberge, Director
  • Marie-Claude Choinière, Educational Advisor
  • Joëlle Allard-Côté, Communications and Human Resources Officer
  • Maryse Gagnon, Secretary and Accounting Manager
  • Miangaly Ralijaona, Training Assistant
  • Marylou Couture, secretary
  • Jessie Dinkota, customer service
  • Naomy Angers, customer service
  • Carl Larouche, Customer Service

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