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Massage therapy and training courses

Professional Training

Training program: Profile 1 massage therapist

Become a professional massage therapist with L'Attitude! First of all, you must choose one of our 6 massage therapy approaches. Then, you go through all the modules* in order to acquire knowledge and interpersonal skills.

The minimum duration of training for your diploma is 440 hours.

Make the most of the guidance of our pedagogical advisor who will be able to guide you adequately towards achieving your professional objective in massage therapy.

For an individual and free information session, make an appointment at 418-522-0106.

* Modules: human body (90h), technical application (150h), customer approach (90h), professional supervision (30h) and evaluation and therapeutic follow-up (10h)


Would you like to know more about L'Attitude and the training offered? The demonstration evening is the ideal activity to discover the six different massage approaches offered in basic training (amma, Californian, momentum, Swedish and Thai). Each of the approaches will be presented respectively by our experienced teachers. Come and ask your questions about the training programs. Our pedagogical advisor and our training assistant will be on site to help you.

Our next meeting: January 8 from 7pm

Book your place info@attitudemassotherapie.com or 418-522-0106.


Number of Hours

Types of Training Programs

Level 1

440 to 475 hours

Massage of prevention, relaxation and therapeutic on some pathologies.


Next session:

Fall 2018– Spring 2019

475 hours

The professional Amma massage training offered at L'Attitude is unique in Quebec and around Canada. The Director of L'Attitude, Michel Van Waeyenberge, is the first Amma instructor in Canada. He was trained by David Palmer at "The Amma Institute"of San Francisco. Michel took 1300 hours of classes before starting to teach this approach in Quebec and now in France. He continues to perfect his Amma skills by occasionally going to California and Japan. To ensure the transmission of his knowledge, he in turn trained three Amma instructors, including Sophie-Hélène Martineau, who teaches with him.


Next session:

Fall 2018– Winter 2019– Spring 2019

440 hours

A pioneer through and through, Michel Van Waeyenberge set up the first professional training in Californian massage in Quebec in 1985. Since then, he has been teaching at l'Attitude, where he trained Nancy Lavoie, Jean-Philippe Turcotte and Mike Allard, who now teach this approach alongside him.


Next session:

Winter 2019

440 hours

The professional training in momentum massage offered at L'Attitude is taught by Sylvain Malchelosse, who lived two years at the Esalen Center in California, specializing his technique. In addition, Sylvain Malchelosse has completed a master's degree in physical activity and is specialized in sports massage. He works with national and international athletes.


Next session:

Fall 2018 - Winter 2019

440 hours

A classic biomechanical approach, Swedish massage aims first and foremost to balance muscle tone by working specifically and deeply on areas of tension. It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, helping to revitalize the whole body. Swedish massage maintains and improves the amplitude of body movements through joint manoeuvres. Through the diversity of its manoeuvres and its global or specific application, Swedish massage can be adapted to the client's needs, whether it is relaxation or a more specific musculoskeletal approach.


Next session:

Spring 2020

485 hours

Thai massage is an oil-free approach consisting of different movements such as pumping, stretching, pressure points and joint movements. It allows massage therapists to master the principles of swinging and working with a minimum of effort by using both hands, elbows and feet. This massage is given on a futon, and the client remains dressed.


Next session:

Fall 2018

580 hours

The Trager is a kinesthetic and psychocorporal approach, where we use movements to feel the deep tensions of the body. The practitioner transmits through movement the sensations appropriate to the specific needs of the client, whether biomechanical or neurological. It is a process of education and rehabilitation and a lot of research confirms the therapeutic power of the Trager. There are different ways to adapt the approach to the client's needs. A Trager session is usually given on a massage table, but can be adapted very well on a chair. In addition to the practice, Mentastics (mental gymnastics) are added so that the client can continue the rehabilitation work.


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