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Massage therapy and training courses

Why Choose L'Attitude in Québec


Train the best massage therapists through a holistic approach that combines technique, body awareness and the respectful relational dimension: fundamental assets to a sustainable and effective practice of massage therapy.


For 30 years, L’Attitude has focused on meeting the highest quality standards in teaching massage therapy. L’Attitude graduates are sought-after by employers for the quality of their practice and skills. Thanks to its reputation, L’Attitude students enjoy a 100% placement rate.


Discover massage therapy from another perspective...

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The only massage therapy school accredited by the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes in Quebec City, which is a guarantee of quality and competence


  • Learn from passionate teachers with 15 to 40 years of experience. Some of them even come from abroad.
  • Among the criteria for teacher selection, passion and expertise are a priority. For example, to begin teaching the technical application, the massage therapist must have completed 3 to 5 times the training in addition to having a full-time professional practice in massage therapy.
  • All are specialized in their field of study.

FQM is recognized as the most important and credible association in the field of massage therapy. To be accredited by the FQM, the school must submit its lesson plans and the CVs of its teachers to a rigorous evaluation. As the FQM's evaluation criteria are well established, they guarantee the competence of the schools.

At the end of the training, the graduate will obtain the title of certified massage therapist (exclusive to FQM members), a significant advantage. Employers and clients are looking for this designation to ensure the safety and quality of massage therapy services.


  • A maximum of 18 participants per group, guided by a trainer and his/her assistants. This team provides individualized follow-up.
  • Flexible course schedules that integrate well with different schedules (full-time, part-time, weekday, weekend).
  • A personalized payment plan, adapted to your financial availability.
  • Tuition fees are eligible for the tax credit.
  • Get a $500 discount on the Profile 1 vocational training program if you are 25 years of age or younger.

Massage therapy as a career choice?

Do you want to become a professional massage therapist? Do you feel a particular attraction for helping and caring for people? Are you passionate about the functioning of the human body? Do you like the idea of freely managing your schedule? Then massage therapy is your path to success.

Find below what awaits you as an FQM certified massage therapist.

Growing demand

The demand for massage therapists is growing. With the awareness of wellness and the democratization of massage therapy (more and more people are recognizing its value), Quebec is experiencing an unprecedented increase in the number of spas and other health centres.

Massage therapy is increasingly recommended by doctors, and is offered by some hospitals and health centres. Do you prefer self-employment? Once again, massage therapy offers many possibilities.

Massages are performed several environments

On top of spas, massage therapy centres of course, and also in other places such as hospitals, CLSCs, CHSLDs and sports clinics.

As the therapeutic effect of massage therapy becomes more and more recognized, there are many opportunities for certified massage therapists.

A wide clientele

Do you want to work with different clients that have multiple or specific needs?

Depending on your specialization, massage therapy allows you to work with pregnant women, athletes, people seeking well-being, comfort, relaxation or those with specific problems.

Providing well-being to people

Massage therapy is a profession that is very rewarding and nourishing for the person whose passion is the well-being of people. The massage therapist has the privilege of immediately seeing, at the end of the session, the positive result of his work with his clients.

Control of your schedule

Whether it is for:

  • a full-time or part-time job;
  • a standard schedule or one adapted to your requirements;
  • a main income or a supplementary income;
  • day, evening, weekday or weekend work.

The diversity of the demand for massage therapy allows you to find the right schedule for you. As demand increases, there is more flexibility in schedules.

Remuneration in massage therapy

Depending on your qualifications, experience, practice environment and status (salaried or self-employed), massage therapy generally pays between $20 and $65 per hour.